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How to 100% Paperio 3 Expand Your Comfort Zone to Relax

As a human being, having a comfort zone is essential. You are safe there. But what if you started to feel stuck there? Which type of action did you choose? You create some space for you, right? It is the most normal decision in that situation. The old barbaric army chief said, if you are having problems with your boundaries, you must expand them. We will be presenting you with a paperio with that logic. Start from a small and useless comfort zone. Expand it until the server literally coronates you. You don’t need a paper io server’s proof, you know you are awesome. But it’s a thing that feels good. You know, some of the games are a losing game, if you don’t have the passion you’re already dead.
Basics of

• There are lots of legendary skin options that you can choose any of them.
• Your character leaves trails behind it. You use those trails to drawing lines to capture any areas. But they are your weak point, too. If any player passes over from your trail, they kill you. You have the same possibility to do that. If you don’t take any risks you can’t achieve any successes.
• You start the game with 0.1% of the map. The ultimate goal of the game is to expand this area to the maximum possible size. To expand your area only thing you need to do is going out from your own area leaving trails behind you and going back to your area. The field located in the middle of your trails is yours now.

Let’s Escape From Our Comfort Zone: A Walkthrough
• I am giving orders to my internet browser to open this legendary game. To select skins, there is a button on the left. When I press it I see a lot of skins there. My choice is a heart there, you know mine is broken. After I select the heart, we return to the main page again. I type my favorite nickname “Leviathan” in the text field and I press the play button over there.
• I suddenly find myself in the place of nowhere. This means I am lucky enough to expand my area without any intervention. I have become bigger and bigger in this paperio game. I started with 0.1% of the map, now it’s 10%. God! Warren Buffet should hire me. That’s %1000 profits just in five minutes.
• I see a player with watermelon skin, but that player is playing too risky. Time to punishment. I am passing over its trail. He is free to cry.
• I continue to expand. 37,3% of the map is mine. I am killing three players in a row. That was fun, folks. According to the counter I killed 8 players. That means I killed 4 players unaware. The server literally coronates me. There is a crown on my minion. It seems ridiculous.
• Accidentally I pass over my own trail and end my dynasty without leaving any successor. It was nice while it lasted. I had great fun. You should totally play this game with your friends. 2 UnBLoCked New Version Paperio

We knew you were waiting for this game, And here is new version Paperio 3!


Paperio 3 is now smoother, leaderboard will now show 10 winners in the last 1 week.

Brand new unblocked skin screen is waiting for you, Skin selection has changed ... As you play, you earn money, buy skins with these coins, In the game you will realize how much fun it is.

There are 4 different servers



As you know, it is very slow, but there is little risk of dying!


The most common mode, no need to explain.


You should keep your eyes on the screen, because you are ready to fly. If you are constant, you get good points.


That's perfect! The work of these real professionals, in less than a minute, you can finish the game, unless you die.

How Paperio 3 Points are calculated

In the game; The score, the time you play and the number of opponents you kill are important. Your score will always be higher if you take up as much space as soon as possible and eliminate more opponents, and your name goes to the homepage.

If you have any further questions, please write to us at our contact email address. Good luck Paperio4 Team.

Unlike other multiplayer games, Paperio 3 doesn't include a chat in the game, so young children who play the game cannot tease or insult each other orally because they can only see the other party's game.

We have a team of moderators who constantly controls the game this team always controls the game. So there are no player names with bad meaning in the game. Paperio 3 is one of the best paper io versions ever made! The game is very simple and fun to play! The only goal of the game is to have fun during the game. You use the arrow keys on your keyboard; W, A, S, D can also specify the direction. You should try to occupy the most space on the playground stay away from other players while trying to occupy more space on the playing field, because they want to take up more space on the playground like you. On the top right corner of the game area you will see a list of players showing their success in the game. On the top left corner of the game area again, there is a mini-map, where you can see where the players are in the game and how much space you and other players have.

When the game is over, the results of the game will be displayed on the screen. These are your score in the last game, your best score in all time, the time you played in the last game, and the number of other players you have disabled from the game, and the number of Paperio 3 gold needed to win the skin ...

All these statistics are important for determining scores, You should try to achieve higher success as soon as possible. beginner's tips

Paper io 2 is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends. Players appear in a random place on the map, assigning a unique color and then the game starts. The control square does not stop moving forward, you can only set the direction, as soon as you close the line on your section, the captured area is colored by your color and goes under control. The game is limited to the circle where the bout takes place.

The main task of the game is to seize territory, destroying opponents at the same time.

There are two strategies for the game, aggressive and accurate. Playing aggressively, you will have to destroy your opponents all the time and capture large territories, the method is quite complicated, but it is possible to quickly get to the top. Careful players hold on to their base, plucking a little bit from others and trying to survive, this way you will have to play longer, but the result will be better. Some lucky players manage to take their opponents in a ring, destroying several enemies, everyone has the right to choose their own method of playing. The game is controlled using WSDA keys or the mouse cursor.

Video from a pro who plays Paper io 2 as a god, keeps the whole map under control, destroys opponents and captures 100% of the territory. Games with similar gameplay often become popular because of their uncomplicated gameplay. Paper Io's game is also gaining in popularity every day. If you want to play a decent application that will not load you with a storyline or standard missions.

Slowly move around the map, it will allow you to expand your subject more quickly and fill more space.

Note that the mechanics of the game are very similar to the legendary snake, which used to be on old mobile devices and computers. The main process of the game has been slightly upgraded, but in general it is very similar to its predecessor. The action begins on a map whose dimensions are unknown to anyone. The user may come across walls, but he has to try hard to absorb all the space.

This application will help you distract yourself and enjoy a bright and colorful world with the simplest gameplay. You can download the game Paper io 2 to your PC not only on Android, but also for free. If you are familiar with other similar projects, tell us about them in your comments so we can give you an overview of the most interesting ones.

The Paper Io game is already available for installation! Once you enter it you will find yourself in a bright world where the main task will be to grow your character and eat other opponents. is a stunning game that will win your hearts without even having a storyline. In it you can play the good old snake, only in a more advanced format. You can already download the game Paper io 2 on your PC now and it is free and fast!


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